CV Read & Writer DSbluebox

DSbluebox is an special command station specified for CV programming. You can easily program your locomotives and turnouts to configure CV. Not required PC. Very simple and portable.


CV programming seems difficult doesn't it? DSbluebox can solve!

  • Supported many decoders as ESU,Roco,PIKO,Digitraxx,Soundtraxx,lenz,Nagasue,ZIMO,Uhlenbrock,KATO,Nucky,Nagoden.
  • CV Read(DIRECT MODE, CV1-1024)
  • CV Write(DIRECT MODE, CV1-1024)
  • Locomotive address read and write (Automatically updated CV29)
  • Nucky Japanese signal address configuration
  • Test mode for locomotives and turnouts.
  • Manufacture name display (Partly)
  • Not specified scale. Z, N, HO, O, G and so on.
  • Simple and All-in-one. Not required PC.

Example of CV read

Product specification

  • Supports only DIRECT MODE (Paged, OPS are not supported)
  • Isolated current sensor
  • 12V to 18V
  • continuous 2A current output. G scale model works!
  • 15 buttons, not required PC.


User Manual

You can find the following Instruction and user manual.

User's manual 0.40 (June 15, 2017, Japanese)
User's manual 0.35 (May 26, 2017, Japanese)
User's manual 0.34 (Apr 6, 2017, English)
User's manual 0.33 (Feb 27, 2017, Japanese)
User's manual 0.31
User's manual 0.2

KIT assembly howto

Ayanosuke makes instruction of assembly. Plase check if you bought KIT.

KIT assembly Instruction(11.0MB)

Software Description

CV Read You can read CV values.
CV Write You can write CV values.
CV ReadWrite you can modify CV values.
NuckySignal You can edit Nucky signal easily.
Check LocAddr You can easily find locotomotive address.
Write LocAddr Programming locomotive address 1-9999. CV29 is automatically updated.
Loc Control Test mode for locomtoives
Acc Control Test mode for turnouts
Factory Reset Reset decoder.
Config Configuration for DSbluebox

How to check address

Please connect feeder wire and DC power supply as the following.

We are preparing functions to use when you do not know the address of the locomotive on the track. You can check by selecting the item called Check LocAddr.

Press ENTER to start CV reading.

The following display will be displayed during reading. The locomotive will tremble continuously irregularly but please wait for about 10 seconds without being surprised. In case of error, an error is displayed and cancels reading of locomotive address. Please confirm the contact of the railroad track and try again. In addition, there are also decoders and vehicles that can not be read by all means, so resignation is crucial at that time.

You can find this decoder address is 3 with short address.

Configuration step of Nucky's signal decoder

The Japanese type traffic light machine made by Nucky is pretty tough to configure its address. Using DSbluebox, you can easily set the accessory address in 5 address slots at once. A slot containing 0 is not written. Also, with this function, only address is set. For other settings, use the normal CV writing function. Also, since traffic light consumes almost no current, CV reading can not be performed. Watching the LED blink, I judge whether it was written.

Checked decoders and locomotives

DSbluebox supports many decoders certified NMRA DCC Standards.

  • PIKO locomotives(installed Uhlenbrock decoder)
  • Roco locomotives(installed ZIMO decoder)
  • LGB locomtoives
  • Soundtraxx decoders
  • ESU LokSound series
  • Lenz decoders
  • KATO/digitraxx EM13, DS51K1
  • Nucky One Coin Decoder 3, 4, Japanese Signal decoder(Write Only)
  • Desktop Station Smile decoder series
  • cT Elektronik DCX77z
  • Nagasue DE29X2, DE32sx, DA7ExtIn, d51k
  • minitrix 16251 etc.
  • Fleischmann 715290 etc.
  • Nagoden MP3 Sound decoder V4, V5, Smile Decoder RxN series.
  • Tenshodo Quantom series.

If you found not supported decoder, let me know in details. We would like to support many decoders.


DSbluebox firmware requires Arduino IDE.

Version url Notes
4g Download Retry function added.

This firmware / source code is permitted to be modified, copied and used freely only within the scope of non-commercial use of personal use and club activities. In order to develop and sell products based on this software or circuit diagram, it is necessary to sign a license agreement with Desktop Station.

Distribution / How to get

  • Parts Kit 90EUR
  • Soldered 140EUR
  • DC Power Supply 10EUR (Japan domestic use only, 12V/1A)

Order page is HERE.

In EU or US or the other countries users, contact to us. International shipping is available.SAL shipping 3EUR, EMS 15EUR.

Assemble Review Posts

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