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Our concept

As a provider of open control solutions for digital model railroads, Desktop Station has been working with the DCC Electronic Craft Coalition and the clubs, organizations, and individual users who support our activities to make DCC more fun. In the course of these activities, we have learned that there are individuals who have developed high-quality DCC sound data. However, due to various reasons, this data is not available to the general public. So, we decided to help make the data available to the public, and make it widely available to the general public, so that we can spread the goodness and fun of DCC. Therefore, DesktopStation has decided to provide financial support and cooperation to creators who create sound data for DCC, to create data that is completely free of copyright issues, and to provide the results to Japanese DCC users in Japan for free (free of charge). We have opened this page in order to provide the results to Japanese DCC users in Japan free of charge.

The sound data on this page is sponsored by DesktopStation and is made available under contract with the creators. We will not give permission even if we receive inquiries. Please include the URL to this page,, when you introduce it. This page is link free. You do not need permission to post a link to this page, and you can post the URL information on the Web or in a magazine.

When you use OPEN SOUND DATA, please read this page about copyright and neighboring rights for sound.

Permitted model raiway shop and manufacturer

Update: July 2, 2020

If you want to program OPEN SOUND DATA to your decodes by Model Railway Shop, Please check the following permitted shop list.
If your store(shop, company) want to get permission of use OPEN SOUND DATA, face to face meeting with us is required. If you want to know in detail, please send e-mail to Desktop Station support team.

Shop name Address URL Product Programming service
Small kashireyasan Tb DiamondHeights 203, 2-9-2 Matsubara-cho, Akishima, Tokyo URL Rental, installation Available
Ishida Shoten 3-5-14 Natsumidai, Funabashi, Chiba URL Decoders Available
ModelLand Tanaka 2-12-18 Shinoharakita, Kohoku-ku, Yokohama URL LokSound,
Model Railway Shop Kameya Nunotani Building 7F, 3-6-22 Nihonbashi, Naniwa-ku, Osaka URL N/A Available
rairhythm Tama-ku, Kawasaki, Kanagawa URL - Only installation
MODELS SHIMA Meguro, Tokyo URL LokSound In preparation

Sound Data files for ESU LokSound V4, 5 series.

How to program OPEN SOUND DATA

OPEN SOUND DATA uses ESU's LokSound V4 and Lok Sound 5 series. If you want to write this data to your LokSound, please check ESU's instruction manual. You can easily write sound data using LokProgrammer and your PC.

Sound volume, locomotive motor parameters are following to LokSound. Please check LokSound Manual.


Desktop Station provides OPEN SOUND DATA MANUAL as the following PDFs. However, we do not support how to use and trouble shooting. please access Japanese Digital Model Railway Forum.

Japanese 5 (Feb 14,2021) DOWNLOAD
Chinese 5 (Feb 14,2021) DOWNLOAD
German 5 (Feb 14,2021) DOWNLOAD
English 5 (Feb 14,2021) DOWNLOAD

The OPEN SOUND DATA Manual is now available for public editing on Github. We look forward to your participation in the editing process. ( If you would like to participate in editing, please create a Github account and submit a contributor to us on Github.

Leaflet, Catalog

We are providing OPEN SOUND DATA sound list as the following PDF. You can find locomotive sound easily.

Japanese 0 (Apr 17,2021) DOWNLOAD
English 0 (Apr 17,2021) DOWNLOAD

We're providing kiha261's English Instruction.
Kiha261 Sound Data Instruction (2MB, PDF, English),

List od Sound Data

  • Diesel cars
  • Locomotives
  • Electric cars(JR, JNR)
  • Private Railway Company(Tokyu・Izukyu)
  • Private Railway Company(Keio)
  • Private Railway Company(Tobu)
  • Private Railway Company(Kintetsu)
  • Private Railway Company(Seibu)
  • Private Railway Company(Meitetsu)
  • Private Railway Company(KEIKYU)
  • Private Railway Company(ODAKYU)
  • Private Railway Company(etc)
  • JNR/JR Diesel Cars

  • kiha 40 diesel cars
  • DML30HS キハ65
  • DML30HSE kiha183-0
  • DML30HSE kiha183-500
  • DML30HSE kiha181
  • DMH17C Vertical Engine, Suitable for kiha10/20/55 etc, Kominato Railway kiha200
  • DMH17H Horizontal Engine, Suitable for kiha81/82/58/52/45/35/23/28 etc, Meitetsu kiha8000
  • DMH17 kiha82
  • DMH17H kiha58
  • DMF15HSA , Suitable for kiha40,47,48, kiha183/184
  • DMF15HSA Late year's One man ed.
  • DMF13S Kashima Marine 6000 Series Suitable for kiha 37,Sanriku 36-100, Kamioka KM-100.
  • DMF13HS Shikoku kiha185
  • DMF13HZA kiha261
  • DMF13HZA kiha110
  • N-DMF11HZA kiha283
  • NTA-855-R-1 kiha110
  • SA6D125H HOT7000
  • SA6D125H kiha120
  • SA6D125H JR Shikoku 2000, N2000
  • SA6D125H kiha281
  • SA6D140HE kihaE130, kihaE120
  • SA6D140HE Shikoku 2600,2700
  • NTA-855-R-1 kiha75
  • NTA-855-R-1 kiha85 Suitable for Meitetsu kiha8500, Aizu railway kiha8500.
  • Locomotives

  • JNR 8620 Steam Locomotive
  • JNR 9600 Steam Locomotive
  • JNR C53 Type Steam Locomotive
  • JNR C11 Steam Locomotive
  • JNR C56,C12 Steam Locomotive
  • JNR C58 Steam Locomotive
  • JNR C57,C59 Steam Locomotive
  • JNR D51 Steam Locomotive
  • JNR C61 Steam Locomotive
  • JNR C62 Steam Locomotive
  • JNR DE10 Diesel Locomotive
  • JNR DD51 Diesel Locomotive
  • JNR EF64 0 Series/EF62 Electric Locomotive
  • JNR EF64 1000 Series Electric Locomotive
  • JNR EF65 Electric Locomotive
  • JNR EF81 Electric Locomotive
  • JRF EF210 0 series GTO VVVF Electric Locomotive
  • JRF EF210 100/300 series, EF510 IGBT VVVF Electric Locomotive
  • JRF EH200 Electric Locomotive
  • Ooigawa Railway DD20 Diesel Locomotive
  • Electric cars(JNR and JR)

    JNR,JR Express trains:

  • MT46 Express train 153,155,157,159,451,471,161 series
  • MT54 Express train 165,183 series
  • MT54 JNR 185 Express train
  • JNR 781 series
  • JNR 381 series
  • JRE 255 Renewal IGBT VVVF
  • JRE E257-0 VVVF Express train
  • JRE E259 VVVF Express train Suitable for E657 series
  • JRE E353 VVVF Express train
  • JRW 281 Express train
  • JRW 285 Express train Sunrise Express (Toshiba IGBT/Mitsubishi IGBT)
  • JRW 683・289 Express train
  • JRW 87 diesel Mizukaze Express train
  • JRC 373,383 series Wide view Fujikawa etc.(Toshiba GTO VVVF)
  • JRE E4 Super Express IGBT VVVF
  • JRE E5 Super Express
  • JRW 500 Super Express
  • JRW/JRC N700A Super Express
  • JRW/JRW 700 Super Express
  • Old commuter electric cars(nose suspension drive)

  • Old Commuter Electric car Type(Old Kokuden Type) kumoha 12,40 etc.
  • Old Commuter Electric car Type HS-266-A
  • Old Commuter Electric car Type TDK-528
  • Old Commuter Electric car Type TDK-544
  • Old Commuter Electric car Type DK-91B
  • Commuter type:

  • JNR MT54 Electric commuter cars 113,115,185 series
  • JNR 211,213
  • JNR 205 (External Cooling Fan Type)
  • JNR 205-5000 (Toyo IGBT VVVF)
  • JNR 209
  • JRE E127 Updated, ET127 (Toyo IGBT VVVF)
  • JRE E127 (Toyo GTO VVVF)
  • JRE E129, SR1 Series (Toyo IGBT VVVF)
  • E231
  • E233 Commuter type (Mitsubishi VVVF)
  • E233 Urban Type (Hitachi VVVF)
  • E235 Commuter type
  • JRW 207-1000 Toshiba GTO VVVF
  • JRW 221
  • JRW 223 Hitachi IGBT VVVF
  • JRW 223 Mitsubishi IGBT VVVF
  • JRW 223 Toshiba IGBT VVVF
  • JRW 225 Toyo IGBT VVVF
  • JRW 321 Toyo IGBT VVVF
  • JRW 321 Toshiba IGBT VVVF
  • JRW 323 Mitsubishi SiC VVVF
  • JRC 313-5000 Toshiba IGBT VVVF
  • Tokyu, Izukyu

  • Tokyu 1000
  • Tokyu 7200
  • Tokyu 7700 7915F Toyo IGBT VVVF
  • Tokyu/Izukyu 8000
  • Tokyu 8500
  • Tokyu 9000 Hitachi GTO VVVF
  • Tokyu 5050, 5000
  • Tokyu 2020, 6020, 3020
  • Izukyu 100 Kumoha 100 series
  • Private Railway Company(Keio)

  • Keio 1000 Hitachi 2 level IGBT VVVF
  • Keio 1000 Toyo IGBT VVVF
  • Keio 1000 2nd Generation Toyo GTO VVVF
  • Keio 3000 Chopper
  • Keio 5100Type TDK-544
  • Keio 8000 Hitachi GTO VVVF
  • Keio 8000 Toshiba IGBT-PMSM VVVF
  • Keio 8000 Hitachi Hybrid SiC VVVF
  • Private Railway Company(Tobu)

  • Tobu 8000
  • Tobu 6050
  • Tobu 500 Express train
  • Tobu 7800Type TDK-544
  • Tobu 3000 DK-91B
  • Tobu 3050 HS-266-A
  • Tobu 3070 TDK-528
  • Tobu 5050 TDK-544
  • Tobu 5700 TDK-528
  • Private Railway Company(Kintetsu)

  • Kintetsu express MB3127 First type, suitable for 12000,12200,12400,12410,12600,30000.
  • Kintetsu express MB3127 Late type, suitable for 12200,12400,12410,12600,30000.
  • Kintetsu 22000 Mitsubishi GTO VVVF express train
  • Kintetsu 21020/22600 series(Non Updated type) Mitsubishi IGBT VVVF express train
  • Kintetsu express 22600 Mitsubishi IGBT VVVF Express Train
  • Kintetsu Old Commuter train suitable for 1800,1810,2400,2410,2430,2444,2600,2610,2800.
  • Kintetsu 1000Type TDK-544
  • Private Railway Company(Seibu)

  • Seibu 2000/New2000
  • Seibu 10000 Koedo Express
  • Seibu 30000 Hitachi 2 level IGBT VVVF
  • Seibu 40000 Toshiba IGBT-PMSM VVVF
  • Private Railway Company (meitetsu)

  • Meitetsu 5000(old) series/ 5200 series
  • Meitetsu 5300 gear ratio old
  • Meitetsu 5300 gear ratio changed
  • Meitetsu 5700
  • Meitetsu 6500 series/6800 series
  • Meitetsu 6750 /6650 series
  • Meitetsu 7000 TDK-825
  • Meitetsu 5500 TDK-825
  • Meitetsu 8800 TDK-825
  • Private Railway Company (KEIKYU)

  • Keikyu 600 Toyo GTO VVVF
  • Keikyu New 1000 1033F SIEMENS GTO VVVF Suitable for Keikyu 2100 series
  • Keikyu New 1000 like Toyo IGBT VVVF, Refer to Experimental Sound Data
  • Private Railway Company (ODAKYU)

  • Odakyu 1000(Non renewal) Mitsubishi GTO Non-Updated VVVF
  • Odakyu 1000(Non renewal) Mitsubishi GTO Updated VVVF
  • Odakyu 3000 1-2Gen Mitsubishi IGBT VVVF "Cyclone"
  • Odakyu 3000 3Gen Mitsubishi IGBT VVVF "Late"
  • Odakyu 4000 Mitsubishi IGBT VVVF
  • Odakyu 5000 Mitsubishi SiC VVVF
  • The other Private Railway Company

  • Keisei 3700 Toyo GTO VVVF
  • Hankyu 8300 Toyo GTO VVVF
  • Shizuoka Railway A3000, Refer to Experimental Sound Data
  • Shizuoka Railway 1000, Refer to Experimental Sound Data
  • Nagano Railway 2000
  • Hanshin 7861/7961 Series
  • Hanshin 5001 Series
  • The other MP3 sounds for DSair2, smart phones, PC etc.

    Japanese MP3 file

    Sound Pack JAPAN R3 (Mar 20, 2014) DOWNLOAD (3MB)

    Including Japanese train, station etc sound mp3 files.

    Germany MP3 file

    Sound Pack GERMANY (Mar 20, 2014) DOWNLOAD (63MB)
    This German sound package is provided by wolfgang. Thanks a lot!

    Q. Do you provide assembling guide?

    Please check the followng guides.

    Q. Locomotive address missing.

    Kiha 40's address is 40. The other sound data address is 3. Please read CV1.

    Q. How to adjust volume.

    Use CV63. Also you can use F7.

    Q.I want xxx train sound.

    We don't accept user's request.

    Q. Does it support LokSound SELECT?

    SELECT series are not supported.


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