Terms of use

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If you do not agree, or are unable to comply with the terms of use while using the OPEN SOUND DATA, you may not use the OPEN SOUND DATA. Please delete the downloaded data immediately.

  • You agree or sympathize with our concept and purpose of OPEN SOUND DATA.
  • Do not commit any act that may cause disadvantage, damage, or discomfort to the administrator of this service, creators, other users, or other third parties.
  • Users who comply with the terms of use may use the sound data on this page by writing it to their own DCC decoders for free.
  • If you receive the sound data itself for a fee, or if you receive the decoder or vehicle in which it was written for a price that exceeds the original price, you must request a refund from the seller. You must also notify DesktopStation of any unauthorized use of the sound data for sale.
  • You may modify the sound data on this page. However, you must contact DesktopStation and distribute the modified sound data in this page to unspecified people or redistribute it via web or other media, except for the services provided by model railroad stores and model manufacturers as described below. You must also apply the Terms of Service as is.
  • You are allowed to modify the sound data on this page, but you must not sell the modified data alone. It is permissible to offer it as a writing service to decoders and to sell the written models. In addition, when selling or providing services, it must be clearly indicated to the user that the data was created based on open sound data.
  • Users (companies, sole proprietors, or individuals) who write to decoders using distributed sound data, or sell decoders themselves or vehicles equipped with decoders as part of their livelihood (business), must obtain prior permission from DesktopStation to start the service. DesktopStation must be notified in advance of your intention to start the service (free of charge), the price of the service must be clearly indicated in the store or on the website, and the cost of the sound data or the value of the sound data itself must be charged to the final paying customer. We will not charge the final paying customer for any costs or charges that are equivalent to the value of the sound data or the sound data itself. In addition, DCC reserves the right to deny or revoke permission for the use of sound data if, based on past history, reputation, credit information, or other information, it is determined that the use of the sound data would interfere with DCC's activities or be inappropriate in terms of public order and morals.
  • Direct links to the sound data files on this page are prohibited. Please make sure to link to this page.
  • Reprinting the sound data files on this page on other pages or distributing them on DVDs or other media to an unspecified number of people is prohibited. No permission will be given.
  • It is prohibited to point out or disclose the illegality of OPEN SOUND DATA itself, related data, developers, collaborators, etc. in public without evidence, or to obstruct their activities.
  • If a vendor or individual who uses sound data illegally does not agree to settle for compensation for the illegal use, you agree at the time of downloading or obtaining the data that the vendor's name, address, and representative will be posted in an unspecified place.
  • The copyright of the sound data is not waived.
  • You agree to disclaim all warranties for any malfunction, accident, or damage caused by the sound data.
  • You agree that no individual support will be provided.
  • These terms of use are subject to change without notice.
  • This Agreement is written in Japanese and translated into English and other languages. The Japanese version is the original, and the English and other language versions are for reference only. In the event of any conflict between these two language versions, the Japanese version shall take precedence.
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