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Public sound data - purpose of distribution and precautions

Purpose of distribution of OPEN SOUND DATA.

Desktop Station, as a provider of open control solutions for digital model railroading, is working with the DCC Electronic Craft Coalition and the counties, organizations, and individual users who support this activity to make DCC more enjoyable.

In the course of these activities, we have learned that there are individuals who have developed high-quality DCC sound data. However, this data is not available to the public for a variety of reasons. Below is a list of some of the most popular DCC projects in the world.

DesktopStation will financially support and work with creators who create sound data for DCC to create data that is completely free of copyright issues, and make the results available to Japanese DCC users in Japan for free. The purpose of this page is to make the results available to Japanese DCC users in Japan.

The sound data on this page is sponsored by DesktopStation and released under contract with the creators. Even if there is a request, we will not give permission. If you present it, please provide the URL to this page https://desktopstation.net/sounds/ to this page. This page is link-free. You may post the URL information on the web or in the journal without permission.

When creating Open Sound Data, please read the following Copyright and Performance Rights for Sound.

Please note


Preface The sound data published here has nothing to do with the railroad company or the car described. The sound data here is not related to any railroad company or vehicle.

The acceleration and deceleration are not based on real time, but are designed to look good on the model. In addition, there are different formats with different details, such as before and after the update, and the audio was not created with all of these details in mind. If you are concerned about it, please adjust it yourself and provide details.


Cautions and Rules for Distribution (Terms of Use)


All trademarks and logos are the property of their respective owners.
If you do not agree with the Terms of Use or cannot comply with them when using the OPEN SOUND DATA, do not use the OPEN SOUND DATA. Please delete the downloaded data immediately.

  • You agree or sympathize with our concept and purpose of OPEN SOUND DATA
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  • You do not commit any acts that may cause disadvantage, damage or inconvenience to the administrator of this service, the creators, other users or other third parties.
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  • Users who abide by the terms of use may use the sound data on this site by writing it into their own DCC decoders free.
  • If you receive the sound data itself for a fee, or if you receive the decoder or the car it was written to at a price that exceeds the original price, you must request a refund from the seller. You must also notify DesktopStation of any unauthorized use of the sound data for sale.
  • You may modify the sound data on this site. However, you must contact DesktopStation and provide the modified sound data on this site to unspecified persons or redistribute it via the web or other media, except for the services of model train stores and model manufacturers described below. You must also apply the Terms of Use without modification.
  • You may modify the sound data on this site, but you may not sell the modified data on its own. It is allowed to offer it as a writing service for decoders and sell the written models. Also, when selling or providing services, it must be clearly stated that the data was created based on open sound data.
  • Users (companies, sole proprietors, or individuals) who write decoders using open sound data or sell decoders themselves or vehicles equipped with decoders as part of their livelihood (business) must obtain prior approval from DesktopStation to start the service. DesktopStation must be notified in advance of your intention to start the service (free of charge), the price of the service must be clearly stated in the store or on the website, and the cost of the sound data or the value of the sound data itself must be charged to the end-paying customer. We will not charge the End-Paying Customer any cost or fee equal to the value of the Sound Data or the Sound Data itself. In addition, DCC reserves the right to deny or revoke permission to use sound data if it is determined, based on criminal history, reputation, credit reports or other information, that use of the sound data would be disruptive to DCC's activities or would be inappropriate in terms of public policy and morality.
  • Direct links to the sound files on this site are prohibited. Please make sure you link to this page.
  • It is prohibited to reprint the sound files from this site on other sites or distribute them on DVDs or other media to an unspecified number of people. No permission will be granted.
  • It is forbidden to publicly point out the illegality of OPEN SOUND DATA itself, its related data, developers, collaborators, etc., or to interfere with their activities without evidence.
  • If a provider or person who uses sound data illegally does not agree to pay compensation for the illegal use, when downloading or obtaining the data, you agree that the name, address and representative of the provider will be published in an unspecified location.
  • The copyright to the sound data is not waived.
  • You agree to exclude all warranties for malfunctions, accidents or damages caused by the sound data.
  • You agree that no individual support will be provided.
  • These terms of use are subject to change without notice.
  • This agreement is written in Japanese and translated into English and other languages. The Japanese version is the original, and the English and other language versions are for reference only. In the event of a conflict between these two language versions, the Japanese version shall prevail.
  • Desktop Station contact information:

    Available devices.

    Supported decoders


    Command centers with MP3 playback, such as DSair2 and DesktopStationSoftware. Nagoden MP3 Sound Decoder Series

    To use the MP3 files listed here with your DSair2, please see the Sound Playback Features page.

    General MP3 sound data.

    Japanese type, MP3 file.

  • Sound Pack, Japanese Version R3 (03/20/2014) DOWNLOAD (3MB)
  • Keikyu-related announcements
  • Kiha261-related announcements on the train
  • Announcements at Kanagawa East and Yokohama Line stations
  • Saikyo Line announcements on trains
  • Minatomirai Line, train announcements
  • E233 Chuo Line related (2020/9/6)
  • E353 Chuo Line related (2020/9/6)
  • Kiha85 (2020/9/6)
  • Series 373 (2020/10/1)
  • It contains the sounds of passing trains and level crossings, recorded in Japan.

    German script, MP3 file.

    SoundPack Germany (03/20/2014) DOWNLOAD (63MB)
    This German soundpack is provided by wolfgang. Thanks a lot!

    This German sound package is provided by wolfgang.

    It contains a large number of train announcements, station announcements, whistles, animals and equipment sounds recorded in Germany.

    Management and administration of open sound data.

    Open Sound Data is managed by Desktop Station and volunteers.

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