How to prepare for AnalogDC

Preparation to assemble

You need below hardwares to run Desktop Station.

You need below softwares to run Desktop Station. You can get these softwares free of charge.

Hardwares setting.

Very easy. Connect Motor shield and Arduino. Set jumper pins as PWM mode.

DF-ROBOT's compatible Motor Shield is settled as below.

Configuration for Motor Shield

You have to edit motor assigned pins of "AnalogRSx.ino" depending on your Motor Shield.

Table: Assignment table of Digital pins for Motor Shield.
DF-RobotArduino GenuieNote
Motor1 PWMD5D3Edit MOTOR1_PWM.
Motor1 DirectionD4D12Edit MOTOR1_DIR.
Motor1 Breaknot assignedD9Edit MOTOR1_BRK.
Motor2 PWMD6D11Edit MOTOR2_PWM.
Motor2 DirectionD7D13Edit MOTOR2_DIR.
Motor2 Breaknot assignedD8Edit MOTOR2_BRK

Procedure to prepare softwares

  1. Download the latest Desktop Station.
    Also download Railuino.
  2. Download Arduino IDE 1.0.x. Unzip them to your computer.
  3. Plug USB connector of your Arduino board to USB port on your computer
  4. If you plug Arduino board first time, install serial driver software. Serial driver software is included Arduino IDE files. See also
  5. Install Desktop Station to your computer. Unzip a Desktop Station ZIP file.
  6. Compile and Write included AnalogDC Gateway "Analog_RSx.ino" to Arduino board using Arduino IDE. You can download AnalogDC GATEWAY sketch named "Analog_RSx.ino" in this site. Desktop Station works with this sketch. See also how to upload.
  7. Upload compiled Analog_RSx.ino to your arduino.
  8. Connect rail and Motor Shield shield and your PC.
  9. Select MM2 and address 1 or 2 at locomotive configuration. The address assigns as Output 1 or 2.

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