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Supported Model Railroad Vehicles

Based on the information provided by our users, we have compiled a DCC compatibility chart for each company and gauge on the DesktopStation wiki.

The best parts of Open Sound Data for vehicle installation

Almost all Japanese model railroad vehicles are not designed to be DCC sound capable. Therefore, DesktopStation and the DCC Electronic Engineering Coalition, both of which operate Open Sound Data, are distributing parts to assist with installation. These are unique parts made by our engineers who are well versed in electrical and electronic engineering. We hope you will make use of them.

By purchasing parts and components from the manufacturers listed here, you can help Open Sound Data financially. We hope that you will take advantage of the parts from Open Sound Data approved manufacturers.

Parts for N gauge

TRAINO is now developing a lineup of auxiliary boards that can be equipped with Next18 for N gauge.

Parts for HO Gauge

Desktop Station and Fujigaya2 are now offering a lineup of MTC21 auxiliary boards for HO gauge.

General Parts Parts

DCC-Kan is now developing useful board products for N- and HO-gauge.

List of parts suitable for vehicle installation

TRAINO's products for N gauge are summarized in detail here.

manufacturer Product name Connector Scale ArtNo URL
TRAINO ExpBoard EC-Slim Easy Next18 N ECS-E1 URL
TRAINO ExpBoard EC-Slim Standard Next18 N ECS-S2 URL
TRAINO ExpBoard EC-Slim Economy Next18 N ECS-C6 URL
TRAINO ExpBoard EC-Slim Type T Next18 N ECT-S2 URL
TRAINO ExpBoard EC-Slim Type F Next18 N ECF-S2,ECF-E4 URL
TRAINO ExpBoard EC-Slim Type H Next18 N ELH-S1,ELH-E1 URL
TRAINO ExpBoard EC-Slim SL Type A Next18 N SL-C57/D51 URL
TRAINO ExpBoard EC-Slim SL Type B Next18 N SL-C59/C62 URL
TRAINO ExpBoard EC-Slim SL Type C Next18 N SL-C58 URL
DesktopStation ExpBoard for KATO HO Next18 HO 10024 URL
DesktopStation ExpBoard for General HO Next18 HO 10023 URL
DesktopStation ExpBoard for YP SHORT MTC21 HO 10026 URL
DesktopStation ExpBoard for YP SUPER SHORT MTC21 HO 10039 URL
DesktopStation EF81 Light Board -Mr. HO 10031 URL
DesktopStation ExpBoard EH200 MTC21 HO 10030 URL
DesktopStation Light Unit DCC Board for KATO HO Kiha58 -Mr. HO 10038 URL
Fujigaya2 ExpBoard for KATO HO DE10 Next18 HO 10033 URL
DCC Hall Next18 AdapterBoard (vehicle side) Next18 general purpose AYA035-2 URL
DCC Hall Next18 Adapter Board (Decoder side) Next18 general purpose AYA036-1 URL
DCC Hall Bipolarized substrate -Mr. general purpose AYA014-2 URL

Management and administration of open sound data

Open Sound Data is managed by Desktop Station, Inc.

The abbreviations and names of railroad companies in the text data and sound data contained in this page and the sound data ZIP file are registered trademarks or trademarks of the respective companies. The letters TM and R are not used in the text or figures. Please be forewarned.
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