End of support Galileo Gen2

Supporting Galileo Gen2 is end. We recommend you to replace Desktop Station pi board for Raspberry pi(DSpi). DSpi has many feature and low cost than Galileo Gen2.

About galileo gen2

Galileo gen 2 is a Arduino compatible board for MAKERS. Galileo provides us to implement powerful performance for DIY devices.




How to prepare

Please download intel's Arduino IDE. intel's Arduino IDE is not same as Arduino team's Arduino IDE. Then IOREF jumper pin must be 5V if DCC/MM2 shield uses.



You can find GadgetSerial. Double click its icon, you can see the property of popup. Then click properties.


Please update the Galileo's driver software.


Unzip intel's Arduino IDE to your PC. Do not install to "Program files" folder. Because intel's Arduino IDE can't recognize the space character of the path.


Please attention the driver folder is different from original Arduino IDE. Please use the folder of ".\arduino-1.5.3-Intel.1.0.3\hardware\arduino\x86\tools\\" instead of the folder of ".\arduino-1.5.3-Intel.1.0.3\drivers"



Remember serial port name as "COM42". This name is used later.



Select the board type and serial port name. I select Galilen gen2 and COM42.


Set up Arduino and network configuration

You have to download DSGatewayLib for Galileo. After downloaded, Unzip and copy the file to the libraries folder of intel's Arduino IDE folder like the follwoing.


You can find some examples of DSGatewayLibG. If you want to use iPad or Tablets, select DSServer. DSServer is a web application of Desktop Station. You can control model railway via network.

Controller panel on the browser.

Click upload button. Arduino IDE will upload the selected sketch to your Galileo Gen2.


Wiring example shows as the following.

Galileo gen2 supports Ethernet. Because we provide a web appliation implemented in Galileo gen2, You can control model railway via network. See the following browser screenshots. This web application can work with iPad safari and Android chrome browsers.

Controller panel on the browser.

Accessory panel on the browser.

The following is an example of network structure. Galileo gen2 is placed under the wifi router and assigned as IP address. You can access Galileo gen2 to type on your tablet and smart phone.


Open DSServer example under the DSGatewayLibG on the Arduino IDE intel version. You can find IP address declaration. You can change default IP address to suitable IP address on your network environment. You need to check your network.