Detail of hardware instruction

Please check the following instruction which includes assemble and how to solder.

  • DSmain R5 (All-in-one hardware)
  • DSmint controller - The cheapest DCC command station
  • CV read and writer DSbluebox - All in one and standalone CV programmer
  • DS Shield Marklin / DCC Command station expansion board for Arduino UNO.
  • Old hardwares:

  • S88 Button Decoder - Control manualy S88 status.
  • DSbasic Shield - standalone BASIC interpreter board for DCC
  • DCC/MM2 Shield R5E (for UNO, Leonardo, duemilanove)
  • S88 decoder interface board for DCC/MM2 Shield and 60113 connection kit
  • DSpi R3b (Expansion board for Raspberry pi 2 type b)
  • DCC/MM2 Shield R5 (3.3V) (for mbed, ARM based Arduino. e.g. Due and Zeros
  • DSmain R4 (All-in-one hardware)
  • DSmain R2 (All-in-one hardware)
  • DCC/MM2 Shield R5 (5.0V) (for UNO, Leonardo, duemilanove)
  • intel Galileo gen2 with DCC MM2 Shield
  • Safety Notes

    Please note the followings.

  • Recommended voltage range: 10V to 20V.
    If you used N gauge, you will use 12V. If H0, use 12V or 15V or 16V or 18V. These voltage is reference.
  • Recommended current range: 1.5A or less
    Maximum absolute current is 3A. Do not exceed 3A temporaly or continuously.
  • Avoid short circuit and over voltage, over temperature. This hardware has protection function but not perfect in any case.
  • This hardware does not ensure to work all of locomotives and DCC or MM2 decoders.
  • Required devicese

  • (if use DCC/MM2 shield) Arduino UNO (compatible one may be available.)
  • Wire to rail
  • DC power supply with cebter plus and output connectr is 2,1x5,5mm. The voltage depends on your model railway system. See the followings.
    If use marklin H0, 18V powersupply and output current is required 2Amp or more.
    If use DCC H0, 12V to 16V power supply and output current is required 2Amp or more.
    If use DCC N, 12V power supply and output current is required 2Amp or more.
  • Procedure to solder

    1. Arrange solder paste and soldering iron, pcb and parts.
    2. Solder and assemble base parts. For example, resistor -> LED -> IC -> Capacitor -> Connectors
    3. Check mistaked of soldering after soldered.
    4. Insert IC(ATMEGA88) to a socket. Check the silk message and direction of parts.

    Rail and wiring

    In this case, we introduce connection of marklin's CTrack. If you use DC rail, the porality is free.
    CTrack has the porarity. The porarity is written about the output connector. B means red wire and connects to center rail. O means brown wire and connects to both side rails.

    In this photo, red conductor cable appears B(red), yellow cable appears O(brown). Be cause I don't have brown cable, I have used the yellow cable instead of brown one.

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