S88 instruction

Procedure to connect S88 decoder.

Desktop Station requires a S88 interface board to play with S88 function. If not use S88, not reuquired a S88 interface board.
S88 interface board is not on sale. You have to make S88 interface board. Connector of S88 decoder uses 1.27mm pitch 6 pins header which you can get easily in worldwide. Wiring specification of S88 interface is as below.

S88 shiled is now for sale in this site. Please contact us about S88 Shield.

Hardware structure of using S88 function

Wiring S88 cable and Arduino for S88
Pin nameS88 cable pinArduino pinNotes
DATA1A0As using digital input.
VCC(+5V)65Vnot using 3.3VDC.

Assignment S88 cable and Arduino.

S88 Interface shiled.

Wiring example.

S88 Interface shiled with S88 decoder.

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