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We release digital modelrailway control system such as NMRA DCC.
Our system is based on open hardware, e.g. Arduino. You can easily customize our system.

WiFi & Portable DCC Command Station DSairLite

DSairLiteis a command station for PWM analog power packs and DCC. 75x94x22.5 mm, ultra small and compact, weighing about 100 g. Despite its compact size, DSairLite has built-in wireless LAN capability, allowing wireless operation of DCC locos and points from compatible dedicated throttles, Signals can be operated wirelessly from the corresponding dedicated throttle. It also has the standard features of a command station, including a CV readout circuit and protection against line shorts. It also features a display and buttons so you can enjoy it anywhere. Translated with DeepL.com (free version)

Despite its small, portable size, it is capable of outputting 2A at all times. It can be used for almost any purpose. Enjoy driving carefully at home, watch a car stop and start while drinking alcohol on autopilot, share and enjoy driving at a driving party, etc., all in one device.

  • Can be operated with a third party wireless throttle.
  • Equipped with 1.3" display, buttons and volume. Can be operated with the main unit.
  • Built-in PWM power pack function to run analog locos. Pure DC possible with optional pure analog adapter.
  • We provide the following instruction and store information. Please check.

  • Japanese Instruction(rev.1.1, PDF)
  • English Instruction(rev.1.1, PDF)
  • wiki
  • Store (International shipping is available. Please contact us.
  • DCC sound decoder SmileSound

    SmileSound is a new open source based DCC sound decoder designed in Japan. It achieves 10 simultaneous sound outputs, which is equivalent to the performance of high-performance overseas sound decoders. The speaker supports general specifications of 4-8 ohms. Motor control functions (including BEMF), AUX functions, and RailCom (BiDi) are also supported.

    SmileSound is a programmable decoder that allows users to freely develop their own sound data, which can be written in scripts using CSV files. SmileSound has a unique interpreter engine that can execute more than 10 sound programs (internally called "SoundFlow") written in CSV files at the same time, making it possible to create expressive sounds, This makes it possible to create richly expressive sounds. Translated with DeepL.com (free version)
    We are providing our products at DesktopStation Online Store. Please order by e-mail for worldwide shipping.

    SmileSound offers boards for gauge and scale with a focus on N and HO in the following form factors

    75017 SmileSound Standard MTC21(NEM652) Detail

    SmileSound Standard is a 30x16mm sized board for HO and is standard for MTC21, and by soldering an optional cable, it is also compatible with NEM652. 1.5A current can be applied to the motor up to 1.5A. Developed by Desktop Station, Inc.

    75019 SmileSound Mini Next18 Detail

    SmileSound Mini Next18 is an ultra-compact, 25x10mm size board for N gauge applications, capable of delivering up to 0.5A of current, which is sufficient for N gauge applications. Despite its small size, it is the smallest among Japanese DCC manufacturers, yet offers a highly functional sound decoder.
    Developed by Nagoden.

    75026 SmileSound Slim USB Detail

    This is an interior light-integrated version of the SmileSound decoder. Suitable for N gauge GreenMax locomotives and HO.Polymer capacitors are mounted on the decoder, so it can be used simply by wiring. The motor output can be 1A, so it can be used not only for N gauge but also for HO plastic quantity trains.
    Developed by Nagoden.

    Safety Notes

    Please note the followings.

  • Recommended voltage range: 12V to 18V.
    If you used N gauge, you will use 12V. If H0, use 12V or 15V or 16V. If you are Marklin user, use 18V.
  • Avoid short circuit and over voltage, over temperature. This hardware has protection function but not perfect in any case.
  • This hardware does not ensure to work all of locomotives and DCC or MM2 decoders.
  • Required the other parts

  • (if used DSshield) Arduino UNO (compatible one may be available.)
  • Wire to rail
  • DC power supply with cebter plus and output connectr is 2,1x5,5mm. The voltage depends on your model railway system. See the followings.
    If use marklin H0, 18V powersupply and output current is required 2Amp or more.
    If use DCC H0, 12V to 16V power supply and output current is required 2Amp or more.
    If use DCC N, 12V power supply and output current is required 2Amp or more.
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