Software instruction

Arduino libraries (for Firmware) Instruction

Arduino software (Firmware, Sketches) requires Arduino IDE and related libraries for compiling the firmware of Desktop Station Hardware. The following libraries are required to setup our hardwares.

Firmware Setup for hardwares

You can select below hardware solution to run Desktop Station. In detail to setup the hardware, click the below listed item.

PC software setup for hardwares

  1. Download the latest Desktop Station.
    Also download DSGatewayLib or Railuino for uploading Arduino sketch.
  2. Download Arduino IDE 1.0.x. Unzip them to your computer.
  3. Plug USB connector of your Arduino board to USB port on your computer
  4. If you plug Arduino board first time, install serial driver software. Serial driver software is included Arduino IDE files. See also
  5. Unzip Railuino or DSGatewayLib archive file and copy the folder to Arduino IDE's library path.
  6. Install Desktop Station to your computer. Unzip a Desktop Station ZIP file.
  7. Compile and Write included the Gateway sketch to Arduino board using Arduino IDE. Detail describes in the each hardware page. Desktop Station works with this sketch. See also how to upload.
  8. Upload compiled the sketch to your arduino.
  9. Connect the hardware and your PC.
  10. Desktop Station software instruction is here.

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